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gitlab: Enforce documentation cache updates

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......@@ -868,17 +868,44 @@ documentation:
MESON_ARGS: *simple_build
CI_ARTIFACTS_URL: "${CI_PROJECT_URL}/-/jobs/${CI_JOB_ID}/artifacts/raw/"
- pip3 install --upgrade hotdoc==0.11.0
- *gst_build
- ./ ninja -C build/ plugins_doc_caches
- |
python3 -c "import os, subprocess, sys
subprojects = [os.environ['CI_PROJECT_NAME']]
if subprojects[0] == 'gst-ci':
subprojects = ['gstreamer', 'gst-plugins-ugly', 'gst-omx', 'gst-plugins-good', 'gst-plugins-base', 'gstreamer-vaapi', 'gst-libav', 'gst-editing-services', 'gst-rtsp-server', 'gst-plugins-bad',]
diffsdir = '../plugins-cache-diffs'
os.makedirs(diffsdir, exist_ok=True)
res = 0
for subproject in subprojects:
cwd = os.path.join('subprojects', subproject)
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'diff', '--quiet'], cwd=cwd)
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
diffname = os.path.join(diffsdir, '%s_cache.diff' % subproject)
res += 1
with open(diffname, 'w') as diff:
subprocess.check_call(['git', 'diff'], stdout=diff, cwd=cwd)
print('\033[91mYou have a diff in the %s documentation cache. Please update with:\033[0m' % subproject)
print(' $ curl %s/%s | git apply -' % (os.environ['CI_ARTIFACTS_URL'], diffname.replace('../', '')))
if res != 0:
print('(note that it might take a few minutes for artefacts to be available on the server)\n')
- ./ hotdoc run --conf-file=build/subprojects/gst-docs/GStreamer-doc.json --fatal-warnings
- cd -
- mv gst-build/build/subprojects/gst-docs/GStreamer-doc/html documentation/
when: always
- documentation/
- plugins-cache-diffs/
# Build an iOS App using the iOS binaries
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