Verified Commit d4e55b65 authored by Jordan Petridіs's avatar Jordan Petridіs 🌱
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Revert "ci: check commit using ci-fairy"

This reverts commit 12c1689a.

Revert ci-fairy check-commits job for now as it seems a bit
buggy. It picks up commits that are not part of the branch
and breaks the CI.

Will investigate further and reintroduce it later.
parent 38c16db9
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......@@ -391,18 +391,6 @@ gst indent:
exit 1
# Check commit messages with ci-fairy
check commits:
extends: ''
needs: []
stage: 'preparation'
- ci-fairy check-commits --textwidth 0 --no-signed-off-by
# Check "allow-edit" checkbox on merge requests with ci-fairy
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