Commit 6c379762 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜

gst-build: Disabling uploading of artifacts for now

It seems to be timing out with high frequency only on Windows runners.

Version:      12.8.0
Git revision: 1b659122
Git branch:   12-8-stable
GO version:   go1.13.7
Built:        2020-02-22T03:03:07+0000
OS/Arch:      windows/amd64
Uploading artifacts...
gst-build/build/meson-logs/: found 2 matching files
WARNING: Failed to load system CertPool: crypto/x509: system root pool is not available on Windows
ERROR: Job failed (system failure): aborted: <nil>

See: !261
parent e0544b25
Pipeline #125658 waiting for manual action with stages
in 34 seconds
......@@ -464,11 +464,12 @@ valgrind ges:
ninja -C build"
# FIXME: extract builddir for tests
expire_in: "7 days"
when: "always"
- 'gst-build/build/meson-logs/'
# XXX: Re-enable when uploading stops timing out
# expire_in: "7 days"
# when: "always"
# paths:
# - 'gst-build/build/meson-logs/'
build vs2017 amd64:
extends: '.build windows'
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