Verified Commit 34dec61d authored by Jordan Petridіs's avatar Jordan Petridіs 🌱
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Revert "cerbero: Never use cached cerbero git repo"

This reverts commit c3b56937.

This broke the build and needs further investigation
parent c3b56937
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......@@ -86,15 +86,7 @@ cerbero_before_script() {
ls -lha
# Copy cerbero git repo stored on the image, delete an existing checkout if
# it exists. Sometimes the git dir gets corrupted on the Windows runner,
# and there's no way to clean it up because gitlab will keep trying to
# reuse the cached image.
if ! [[ -d ${CERBERO_HOST_DIR}/.git ]]; then
mv "${CERBERO_HOST_DIR}/.git" "${CERBERO_HOST_DIR}/.git-old"
# rm -rf is very slow on Windows, so do it in the background
rm -rf "${CERBERO_HOST_DIR}/.git-old" &
# Copy cerbero git repo stored on the image
cp -a "${CERBERO_HOST_DIR}/.git" .
git checkout .
git status
......@@ -122,9 +114,6 @@ cerbero_before_script() {
# a dirty builddir, or tarballs/pkg files, leftover files from an old
# cerbero commit, etc. Skip the things we actually need to keep.
time git clean -xdff -e -e manifest.xml -e localconf.cbc -e "${CERBERO_SOURCES}"
# Wait for the rm -rf from above if needed
[[ -n $(jobs -p) ]] && fg
cerbero_script() {
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