Commit 2f504610 authored by Jordan Petridis's avatar Jordan Petridis 🌱

ci_tepmlate: disable the msys job again

Its still broken and keeps haning randomly... 😢️

Part-of: <!284>
parent f546834e
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......@@ -501,6 +501,10 @@ build vs2017 x86:
build msys2 :
extends: '.build windows'
timeout: '60min'
- if: '$CI_PROJECT_NAME !~ /^(cerbero|gst-docs|gst-integration-testsuites|gst-omx|gst-plugins-rs|gstreamer-vaapi)$/'
allow_failure: true
when: 'manual'
# Sometimes there's seems to be an existing gst-build clone that comes either from the ether or
# from a previous job due to some gitlab bug or implicit behavior?
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