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gitlab: Allow du to fail in cerbero scripts

It's purely for informative reasons. `du` will fail on the sources dir
if a branch name has unicode in it due to an MSYS/MinGW bug. The long
term fix is to from MSYS/MinGW to MSYS/MinGW-W64 or MSYS2/MinGW-W64.

Part-of: <!395>
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......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ cerbero_before_script() {
if ! [[ -d ${CERBERO_SOURCES} ]]; then
du -sch "${CERBERO_SOURCES}"
du -sch "${CERBERO_SOURCES}" || true
echo "home_dir = \"$(pwd_native)/${CERBERO_HOME}\"" > localconf.cbc
echo "local_sources = \"$(pwd_native)/${CERBERO_SOURCES}\"" >> localconf.cbc
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ cerbero_script() {
$CERBERO $CERBERO_ARGS fetch-bootstrap
$CERBERO $CERBERO_ARGS fetch-package --deps gstreamer-1.0
du -sch "${CERBERO_SOURCES}"
du -sch "${CERBERO_SOURCES}" || true
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