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## Getting started
### Install git and python 3.5+
If you're on Linux, you probably already have these. On macOS, you can use the
[official Python installer](
You can find [instructions for Windows below](#windows-prerequisites-setup).
### Install meson and ninja
Meson 0.48 or newer is required.
You should get meson through your package manager or using:
On Linux and macOS you can get meson through your package manager or using:
$ pip3 install --user meson
This will install meson into ~/.local/bin which may or may not be included
This will install meson into `~/.local/bin which may or may not be included
automatically in your PATH by default.
If you are building on Windows, do not use the Meson MSI installer since it is
experimental and will likely not work.
You can also run meson directly from a meson git checkout if you like.
You should get `ninja` using your package manager or download the [official
release]( and put it in your PATH.
release]( and put the `ninja`
binary in your PATH.
You can find [instructions for Windows below](#windows-prerequisites-setup).
### Build GStreamer and its modules
You can get all GStreamer built running:
mkdir build/ && meson build && ninja -C build/
meson build/
ninja -C build/
NOTE: on fedora (and maybe other distributions) replace `ninja` with `ninja-build`
This will automatically create the `build` directory and build everything
inside it.
NOTE: On Windows, you *must* run this from inside the Visual Studio command
prompt of the appropriate architecture and version.
# Development environment
......@@ -103,7 +113,6 @@ rm -rf * && meson .. -Dcustom_subprojects=my_subproject
## Run tests
You can easily run the test of all the components:
......@@ -136,6 +145,17 @@ Run a specific test from a specific test file:
GST_CHECKS=test_subbuffer meson test -C build/ --suite gstreamer gst_gstbuffer
## Optional Installation
`gst-build` has been created primarily for [uninstalled usage](#uninstalled-environment),
but you can also install everything that is built into a predetermined prefix like so:
meson --prefix=/path/to/install/prefix build/
ninja -C build/
meson install -C build/
## Checkout another branch using worktrees
If you need to have several versions of GStreamer coexisting (eg. `master` and `1.14`),
......@@ -199,3 +219,55 @@ you should add a new environment segment as follow:
"priority": 50
## Windows Prerequisites Setup
On Windows, some of the components may require special care.
### Git for Windows
Use the [Git for Windows]( installer. It will
install a `bash` prompt with basic shell utils and up-to-date git binaries.
During installation, when prompted about `PATH`, you should select the
following option:
![Select "Git from the command line and also from 3rd-party software"](/data/images/git-installer-PATH.png)
### Python 3.5+ on Windows
Use the [official Python installer](
You must ensure that Python is installed into `PATH`:
![Enable Add Python to PATH, then click Customize Installation](/data/images/py-installer-page1.png)
You may also want to customize the installation and install it into
a system-wide location such as `C:\PythonXY`, but this is not required.
### Ninja on Windows
The easiest way to install Ninja on Windows is with `pip3`, which will download
the compiled binary and place it into the `Scripts` directory inside your
Python installation:
pip3 install ninja
You can also download the [official release](
and place it into `PATH`.
### Meson on Windows
**IMPORTANT**: Do not use the Meson MSI installer since it is experimental and known to not
work with `gst-build`.
You can use `pip3` to install Meson, same as Ninja above:
pip3 install meson
Note that Meson is written entirely in Python, so you can also run it as-is
from the [git repository]( if you want to
use the latest master branch for some reason.
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