Commit 9fa22f58 authored by Jan Alexander Steffens's avatar Jan Alexander Steffens
Browse files Sort path sets before using prepend_env_var

Python `set`s have a random ordering. To avoid creating a random
environment, create sorted lists before iterating over them.

Our Rust crates instruct cargo to rebuild if `PKG_CONFIG_PATH` changes,
so this has been causing unnecessary rebuilds.

Part-of: <!177>
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......@@ -304,11 +304,12 @@ def get_subprocess_env(options, gst_version):
prepend_env_var(env, 'GST_PLUGIN_PATH', plugin_path,
for p in paths:
# Sort to iterate in a consistent order (`set`s and `hash`es are randomized)
for p in sorted(paths):
prepend_env_var(env, 'PATH', p, options.sysroot)
if != 'nt':
for p in mono_paths:
for p in sorted(mono_paths):
prepend_env_var(env, "MONO_PATH", p, options.sysroot)
presets = set()
......@@ -352,13 +353,13 @@ def get_subprocess_env(options, gst_version):
prepend_env_var(env, 'GST_OMX_CONFIG_DIR', os.path.dirname(path),
for p in presets:
for p in sorted(presets):
prepend_env_var(env, 'GST_PRESET_PATH', p, options.sysroot)
for t in encoding_targets:
for t in sorted(encoding_targets):
prepend_env_var(env, 'GST_ENCODING_TARGET_PATH', t, options.sysroot)
for pkg_dir in pkg_dirs:
for pkg_dir in sorted(pkg_dirs):
prepend_env_var(env, "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", pkg_dir, options.sysroot)
# Check if meson has generated -uninstalled pkgconfig files
......@@ -366,7 +367,7 @@ def get_subprocess_env(options, gst_version):
if meson_uninstalled.is_dir():
prepend_env_var(env, 'PKG_CONFIG_PATH', str(meson_uninstalled), options.sysroot)
for python_dir in python_dirs:
for python_dir in sorted(python_dirs):
prepend_env_var(env, 'PYTHONPATH', python_dir, options.sysroot)
mesonpath = os.path.join(SCRIPTDIR, "meson")
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