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sqlite: Fix build on Windows with MSVC

We need to use the latest sqlite wrap version which fixes a bug where
symbols weren't getting exported and the import library couldn't be
created, so libsoup couldn't find sqlite.

Part-of: <!174>
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directory = sqlite-amalgamation-3250100
directory = sqlite-amalgamation-3310100
source_url =
source_filename =
source_hash = 6c68b6364fa0e01d9d05088ba473ac4e7a6fbc64f9b9aeb6d830f944e2a1fa03
source_url =
source_filename =
source_hash = f3c79bc9f4162d0b06fa9fe09ee6ccd23bb99ce310b792c5145f87fbcc30efca
patch_url =
patch_filename =
patch_hash = b8b4c04b02f20a842b013a2609a8ebb367669a39e4077eba4892796ede39f6ec
patch_url =
patch_filename =
patch_hash = 81f8efc1cbed88226b2fcd7c0221a90f43613fd8c311b8f653c3487cc88363cd
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