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cross-files: update README

- fix cross file path in example;
- has been deprecated, it's now recommended
to use prebuilt toolchains.
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......@@ -6,17 +6,16 @@ recommended to use Cerbero to cross compile GStreamer when other external
dependencies are required.
Once the toolchain is installed and a Meson cross file is created, to build
GStreamer simply run for example: `meson --cross-file cross-files/mingw_w64_x86-64.txt builddir`.
GStreamer simply run for example: `meson --cross-file data/cross-files/mingw_w64_x86-64.txt builddir`.
## Android
Requires Android API level >= 28, previous versions are missing *iconv* dependency.
- Download and extract the [NDK](
- Create a standalone toolchain targeting your arch and API level:
`./build/tools/ --arch $arch --api $api --install-dir $toolchain_path`
- Create a Meson cross file, you can use `android_arm64_api28.txt` as example
and change CPU architectures and toolchain path.
and change CPU architectures and toolchain path using the prebuilt toolchains
from the NDK.
- On fedora the Android NDK requires the `ncurses-compat-libs` package.
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