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meson: clean up workaround for older meson versions that's no longer needed

Part-of: <!172>
parent 869f25a9
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......@@ -55,24 +55,24 @@ endif
# Ordered list of subprojects (dict has no ordering guarantees)
subprojects = [
['gstreamer', {'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-plugins-base', {'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-plugins-good', {'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gstreamer', {'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-plugins-base', {'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-plugins-good', {'build-hotdoc': true}],
['libnice', { 'option': get_option('libnice'), 'match_gst_version': false}],
['gst-plugins-bad', { 'option': get_option('bad'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-plugins-ugly', { 'option': get_option('ugly'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-libav', { 'option': get_option('libav'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-rtsp-server', { 'option': get_option('rtsp_server'), 'build-hotdoc': true , 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-plugins-bad', { 'option': get_option('bad'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-plugins-ugly', { 'option': get_option('ugly'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-libav', { 'option': get_option('libav'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-rtsp-server', { 'option': get_option('rtsp_server'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-devtools', { 'option': get_option('devtools'), 'build-hotdoc': true }],
['gst-integration-testsuites', { 'option': get_option('devtools') }],
['gst-editing-services', { 'option': get_option('ges'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gstreamer-vaapi', { 'option': get_option('vaapi'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-omx', { 'option': get_option('omx'), 'build-hotdoc': true, 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-editing-services', { 'option': get_option('ges'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gstreamer-vaapi', { 'option': get_option('vaapi'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gst-omx', { 'option': get_option('omx'), 'build-hotdoc': true}],
['gstreamer-sharp', { 'option': get_option('sharp') }],
['pygobject', { 'option': get_option('python'), 'match_gst_version': false }],
['gst-python', { 'option': get_option('python'), 'has-plugins': true}],
['gst-python', { 'option': get_option('python')}],
['gst-examples', { 'option': get_option('gst-examples'), 'match_gst_versions': false}],
['gst-plugins-rs', { 'option': get_option('rs'), 'has-plugins': true, 'match_gst_version': false}],
['gst-plugins-rs', { 'option': get_option('rs'), 'match_gst_version': false}],
symlink = '''
......@@ -106,14 +106,7 @@ foreach sp : subprojects
if subproj.found()
# Replace by using subproject.get_variable('plugins', [])
# when
# is merged and released
if build_infos.get('has-plugins', false)
plugins = subproj.get_variable('plugins')
plugins = []
plugins = subproj.get_variable('plugins', [])
all_plugins += plugins
orc_update_targets += subproj.get_variable('orc_update_targets', [])
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