Commit 0702fe19 authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost

build: use glib_gen_basename for generated files. Fixes #598114

We used pattern rules before. This breaks if a header is references from a
different directory. For marshallers I could trigger useless rebuilds. For enums
it caused that the genrated files where overwritten with wrong content as the
pattern rule has a static dependecy. So it created enumtypes for dir a in dir b.
parent 85d15300
# these are the variables your should set
# the example is based on the colorbalance interface
enum_headers=$(foreach h,$(glib_enum_headers),\n\#include \"$(h)\")
# these are all the rules generating the relevant files
$(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.h: $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.list
glib-genmarshal --header --prefix=$(glib_gen_prefix)_marshal $^ > $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.h.tmp
mv $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.h.tmp $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.h
$(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.c: $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.list
echo "#include \"$(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.h\"" >> $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.c.tmp
glib-genmarshal --body --prefix=$(glib_gen_prefix)_marshal $^ >> $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.c.tmp
mv $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.c.tmp $(glib_gen_basename)-marshal.c
$(glib_gen_basename)-enumtypes.h: $(glib_enum_headers)
glib-mkenums \
--fhead "#ifndef __$(glib_enum_define)_ENUM_TYPES_H__\n#define __$(glib_enum_define)_ENUM_TYPES_H__\n\n#include <glib-object.h>\n\nG_BEGIN_DECLS\n" \
--fprod "\n/* enumerations from \"@filename@\" */\n" \
--vhead "GType @enum_name@_get_type (void);\n#define GST_TYPE_@ENUMSHORT@ (@enum_name@_get_type())\n" \
--ftail "G_END_DECLS\n\n#endif /* __$(glib_enum_define)_ENUM_TYPES_H__ */" \
$^ > $@
$(glib_gen_basename)-enumtypes.c: $(glib_enum_headers)
@if test "x$(glib_enum_headers)" == "x"; then echo "ERROR: glib_enum_headers is empty, please fix Makefile"; exit 1; fi
glib-mkenums \
--fhead "#include \"$(glib_gen_basename)-enumtypes.h\"\n$(enum_headers)" \
--fprod "\n/* enumerations from \"@filename@\" */" \
--vhead "GType\n@enum_name@_get_type (void)\n{\n static volatile gsize g_define_type_id__volatile = 0;\n if (g_once_init_enter (&g_define_type_id__volatile)) {\n static const G@Type@Value values[] = {" \
--vprod " { @VALUENAME@, \"@VALUENAME@\", \"@valuenick@\" }," \
--vtail " { 0, NULL, NULL }\n };\n GType g_define_type_id = g_@type@_register_static (\"@EnumName@\", values);\n g_once_init_leave (&g_define_type_id__volatile, g_define_type_id);\n }\n return g_define_type_id__volatile;\n}\n" \
$^ > $@
# a hack rule to make sure .Plo files exist because they get include'd
# from Makefile's
touch $@
touch $@
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