Commit 13cddafa authored by Stefan Sauer's avatar Stefan Sauer

make: Use portable automake constructs to avoid warnings.

This avoids the following -Wportability warning from automake:
warning: orcc_v_gen_$(V: non-POSIX recursive variable expansion.

Based on the fix in
parent 29046b89
......@@ -32,12 +32,12 @@ orc-update: tmp-orc.c $(ORC_SOURCE).h
cp tmp-orc.c $(srcdir)/$(ORC_SOURCE)-dist.c
cp $(ORC_SOURCE).h $(srcdir)/$(ORC_SOURCE)-dist.h
orcc_v_gen = $(orcc_v_gen_$(V))
orcc_v_gen_ = $(orcc_v_gen_$(AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY))
orcc_v_gen = $(orcc_v_gen_@AM_V@)
orcc_v_gen_ = $(orcc_v_gen_@AM_DEFAULT_V@)
orcc_v_gen_0 = @echo " ORCC $@";
cp_v_gen = $(cp_v_gen_$(V))
cp_v_gen_ = $(cp_v_gen_$(AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY))
cp_v_gen = $(cp_v_gen_@AM_V@)
cp_v_gen_ = $(cp_v_gen_@AM_DEFAULT_V@)
cp_v_gen_0 = @echo " CP $@";
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