Commit 662a8ce3 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan

cerbero/libtool: Obey the --dry-run package command argument

parent 95dca5bc
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......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@
# Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
import os
from cerbero.config import Platform
from cerbero.enums import Platform
from cerbero.utils import shell
from cerbero.errors import FatalError
def get_libtool_versions(version, soversion=0):
......@@ -149,6 +150,9 @@ libdir='%(libdir)s'
def save(self):
path = os.path.join(self.libdir, self.laname)
if shell.DRY_RUN:
print('Creating {}'.format(path))
with open(path, 'w') as f:
f.write(self.LIBTOOL_TPL % self.libtool_vars)
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