1. 24 Feb, 2020 2 commits
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      cerbero: Prefer searching using vswhere if available · c36ed745
      Nirbheek Chauhan authored
      vswhere.exe is the preferred way of detecting Visual Studio
      installations if it is available. We still fallback to searching the
      default installation locations if it is not available.
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      cerbero: Allow specifying a custom location for Visual Studio · d685e3f7
      Nirbheek Chauhan authored
      Sometimes Visual Studio is installed into a custom location, or the
      user wants to specifically select a particular Visual Studio
      installation when there are many installed.
      You can set the `vs_install_path` and `vs_install_version` config
      variables to override the automatic detection of the Visual Studio
      installation location. F.ex., in `~/.cerbero/cerbero.cbc`
      This is needed for running Cerbero on the Windows CI, where we use
      Visual Studio Build Tools 2019 installed in `C:\BuildTools`.
  2. 23 Aug, 2019 1 commit
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  11. 11 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      cerbero: Properly fetch the value of PATH from MSVC · 57ee182e
      Nirbheek Chauhan authored
      We were accidentally using the full value of PATH set in the VS command
      prompt as the PATH value that contains Visual Studio paths. Only
      a subset of that value contains Visual Studio paths.
      As a part of this, now the rest of the code prepends PATH fetched from
      VS to the existing PATH value and uses the other env vars as-is by
  12. 03 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  13. 29 Jun, 2018 1 commit
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      cerbero: Build Meson projects with MSVC on Windows · 30066723
      Nirbheek Chauhan authored
      Unless the 'visualstudio' variant is disabled in the config by enabling
      the `novisualstudio` variant, recipes that use Meson will be built
      using Visual Studio.
      Cerbero will attempt to find either Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio
      2017 and set the correct environment to use the MSVC toolchain. This
      is done once at startup, and then used by each recipe at build time.
      To get this environment in shell form, use the `win32-msvc-shell.cbc`
      and `win64-msvc-shell.cbc` config files.