Commit d20e92ff authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜

recipes: Don't set cpp_std anymore, it's set per-plugin

parent 5aca012d
......@@ -410,9 +410,6 @@ class Recipe(custom.GStreamer):
def prepare(self):
# webrtc-audio-processing headers require C++11, older GCCs require
# explicitly opting in (f.ex., mingw gcc and android)
self.meson_options['cpp_std'] = 'c++11'
if self.using_msvc():
# plugin is C++, library is Autotools
self.disable_plugin('soundtouch', 'effects', dep='soundtouch')
......@@ -255,8 +255,6 @@ class Recipe(custom.GStreamer):
can_enable_qt5 = False
if can_enable_qt5:
self.enable_plugin('qmlgl', 'qt5', 'qt5')
if self.meson_options['qt5'] != 'disabled':
self.meson_options['cpp_std'] = 'c++11'
if self.config.variants.nodebug:
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