Commit cc89e5a7 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜
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bootstrap: Fix cross-windows bootstrap with --system-only

When we're bootstrapping on Linux for cross-windows, we don't want
"Windows" as a system bootstrapper. So we shouldn't be looping over
all the system bootstrappers. We should just pick the one that matches
the build distro. Same for the toolchain, because there can only be
at most one that matches the target distro.

Part-of: <!647>
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......@@ -55,26 +55,27 @@ class Bootstrapper (object):
target = (target_distro, target_distro_version)
build = (distro, distro_version)
blist = [target]
if target != build:
blist += [build]
all_bootstrappers = {}
# If enabled, run system bootstrappers first
# Always run the system bootstrapper first (if enabled)
if system:
if toolchains:
for d, v in blist:
if d not in all_bootstrappers:
# Skip if we were asked to skip some bootstrapping
if not system or not toolchains:
raise FatalError(_("No bootstrapper for the distro %s" % d))
if v not in all_bootstrappers[d]:
d, v = build
if d not in system_bootstrappers:
raise FatalError(_("No system bootstrapper for %s" % d))
if v not in system_bootstrappers[d]:
v = None
bs.append(all_bootstrappers[d][v](config, offline, assume_yes))
bs.append(system_bootstrappers[d][v](config, offline, assume_yes))
# We need to run the toolchain bootstrapper for the target, not the
# build because we might be cross-compiling
if toolchains:
d, v = target
# We don't require a toolchain bootstrapper when not
# cross-compiling, and when cross-compiling we sometimes rely on
# the system to provide it. For example, when cross-compiling to
# Linux-ARM or to UWP.
if d in toolchain_bootstrappers:
if v not in toolchain_bootstrappers[d]:
v = None
bs.append(toolchain_bootstrappers[d][v](config, offline, assume_yes))
# Build the build-tools after all other bootstrappers
if build_tools:
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