1. 03 Aug, 2022 4 commits
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      man: Add missing comma in .Dd for tree(3) · 7aed0edf
      Guillem Jover authored
      Reported-by: default avatarThorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>
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      man: Update tree(3) man page from OpenBSD · fafcc397
      Guillem Jover authored
      This man page has a BSD-3-clause-author license instead of the old
      BSD-4-clause license.
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      build: Clarify link-time warnings · 48107fc8
      Guillem Jover authored
      Mention the involved function instead of stating an implicit "this
      function". Mention libbsd when proposing using an alternative libmd
      to make the context clear.
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      Switch md5 compatibility logic back to direct linking · e7cf8c57
      Guillem Jover authored
      When using the recent dlsym() based wrapper, we are not requiring any
      symbol from libmd, as we resolve those dynamically at run-time. We were
      ending up linking against libmd because in another part of the code we
      require (depending on the architecture) the SHA512 functions for the
      getentropy() local implementation. But that function might be provided
      by the system libc on some systems, which means we end up not linking
      against libmd at all.
      To solve this we go back to the previous simpler solution of linking
      directly, which had the main drawback of then making programs fail to
      link when not specifying -lmd (on platforms that need it). And then
      switch the .so link point from a symlink to a linker script, so that we
      can inject the -lmd library as-needed. This is similar to what glibc is
      Fixes: commit 31f034e3
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