Commit 75d2aef0 authored by George Kiagiadakis's avatar George Kiagiadakis

policy: do not assert if the endpoint link errors out

parent 5a57bf5f
......@@ -251,12 +251,12 @@ on_endpoint_link_created(GObject *initable, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer d)
/* Get the link */
link = wp_endpoint_link_new_finish(initable, res, &error);
g_return_if_fail (link);
/* Log linking info */
if (error) {
g_warning ("Could not link endpoints: %s\n", error->message);
} else {
g_return_if_fail (link);
src_ep = wp_endpoint_link_get_source_endpoint (link);
sink_ep = wp_endpoint_link_get_sink_endpoint (link);
g_info ("Sucessfully linked '%s' to '%s'\n", wp_endpoint_get_name (src_ep),
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