Commit 4ed5e30d authored by George Kiagiadakis's avatar George Kiagiadakis

config: enhance the configuration file with comments

parent 7c7c65de
# Basic pipewire integration - do not remove
load-module C libwireplumber-module-pipewire
# Grants access to security confined clients
load-module C libwireplumber-module-client-permissions
# Endpoint implementation for standard audio devices
# using software conversions, mixing and volume controls
load-module C libwireplumber-module-pw-audio-softdsp-endpoint
# Endpoint that provides high-level volume controls for the AGL mixer
load-module C libwireplumber-module-mixer
# Monitors the ALSA devices that are discovered via udev
# and creates softdsp-endopints for each one of them
load-module C libwireplumber-module-pw-alsa-udev
# Implements linking clients to devices and maintains
# information about the devices to be used.
# If you want to override the default audio devices,
# comment the first line and uncomment the lines below
load-module C libwireplumber-module-simple-policy
load-module C libwireplumber-module-mixer
load-module C libwireplumber-module-client-permissions
#load-module C libwireplumber-module-simple-policy {
# "default-playback-device": <"hw:0,0">,
# "default-capture-device": <"hw:0,0">
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