Commit 803a1218 authored by Alexandros Frantzis's avatar Alexandros Frantzis

Don't use a submodule for the traces-db repo

Don't use a submodule for the traces-db repo, clone it explicitly
instead, to make the dependency more transparent. The repo and commit
used can be set with the TRACES_DB_REPO and TRACES_DB_COMMIT CI
variables. Do a full clone so that we can checkout arbitrary commits.
Signed-off-by: Alexandros Frantzis's avatarAlexandros Frantzis <>
parent bd564be7
......@@ -109,9 +109,12 @@ conformance:
stage: test
- mesa-build
TRACES_DB_COMMIT: "1283137e557c9db09c55c9e91aee0ea9926e9b1a"
- git submodule sync --recursive
- git submodule update --init --recursive --depth 1
- git clone "$TRACES_DB_REPO" traces-db
- (cd traces-db; git checkout "$TRACES_DB_COMMIT")
- export DISPLAY=:0
- export GALLIUM_DRIVER=softpipe
......@@ -121,7 +124,7 @@ conformance:
- bash $CI_PROJECT_DIR/scripts/
- export PYTHONPATH=/usr/local/lib/$(py3versions -d)/site-packages # Required for renderdoc
- cd $CI_PROJECT_DIR/repos/traces-db
- cd $CI_PROJECT_DIR/traces-db
- python3 $CI_PROJECT_DIR/scripts/ .
- python3 $CI_PROJECT_DIR/scripts/ . $CI_PROJECT_DIR/results
- python3 $CI_PROJECT_DIR/scripts/ .
......@@ -31,15 +31,17 @@ CI runs by setting the `MESA_COMMIT` and `MESA_REPO` variables.
### Traces
The traces are held in a separate git repository, which is imported in the Mesa
CI repository as a submodule under `repos/traces-db`.
The traces are held in a separate git repository, which is cloned during CI
Use `git submodule --init --depth 1` from the Mesa CI repo root directory to get
the traces.
Each trace is accompanied by a set of reference images in a subdirectory named
`references`. The reference images are of the form `tracefilename-callnum.png`.
The repository and commit to use for traces-db can be overriden in manual
CI runs by using the `TRACES_DB_REPO` and `TRACES_DB_COMMIT` CI variables.
### Replaying traces
Mesa CI uses a set of scripts to replay traces and check the output against the
Subproject commit 1283137e557c9db09c55c9e91aee0ea9926e9b1a
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