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Document not requiring r-b/a-b tags in commit messages.

Since we have marge, you get a link back to the discussion acking a

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......@@ -55,3 +55,14 @@ extensions used etc. When doing so, you must give the trace a unique
filename (such as moving it to a `-v2`, `-v3`, etc.) because Mesa's
trace testing infrastructure caches traces by filename instead of git
hash or file hash.
## Merging changes:
- Get an ack or r-b statement on the MR from someone before assigning
to Marge-bot.
Since this is a repo with limited impact on other developers when we
add new traces, we want the barrier to entry to be low. No need to
git commit --amend in the r-b statement, or get broad consensus. If
you're modifying an existing trace, you should probably get an ack
from the original committer.
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