Commit 9e4766c6 authored by Tomi Sarvela's avatar Tomi Sarvela

Add hardware descriptions

parent 2775f08e
......@@ -54,12 +54,20 @@ fi-cfl-8109u: "Intel Coffee Lake NUC"
fi-cfl-8700k: "MSI Mortar Z370"
fi-cfl-guc: "MSI Mortar Z370"
fi-whl-u: "Intel Whiskey Lake RVP"
fi-icl-u: "Ice Lake RVP"
fi-icl-u2: "Ice Lake RVP"
fi-cml-u2: "Comet Lake U RVP"
fi-cml-s: "Comet Lake S RVP"
fi-icl-u: "Ice Lake U RVP"
fi-icl-u2: "Ice Lake U RVP"
fi-icl-guc: "Ice Lake U RVP with GuC enabled"
fi-icl-dsi: "Ice Lake Y RVP with DSI panel"
fi-tgl-u: "Tiger Lake U RVP"
fi-ehl-1: "Elkhard Lake RVP"
fi-tgl-dsi: "Tiger Lake Y RVP with DSI panel"
pig-snb-2600: "Dell XPS 8300"
pig-hsw-4770r: "Gigabyte Brixbox"
pig-skl-6600: "Lenovo ThinkCene SFF"
pig-glk-j5005: "Intel NUC7CJYH"
pig-icl-1065g7: "Dell XPS 13 2019"
shard-snb: "Dell XPS 8300"
shard-hsw: "MSI Z97M-G43"
shard-skl: "Samsung Chromebook XE510"
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