Commit 867c3347 authored by Mikołaj Nowicki's avatar Mikołaj Nowicki Committed by Mikołaj Nowicki

view-byhost.mako - Fix build link

Fixes wrong build link from inside machine view for combined shards.

This fixes: #65Signed-off-by: Mikołaj Nowicki's avatarMikołaj Nowicki <>
parent 146b02c6
......@@ -24,9 +24,9 @@
% endif
% if build == new:
<th class="x"><span class="v"><a href="${path}${build}/">${build}</a></th>
<th class="x"><span class="v"><a href="${path}${build}/filelist.html">${build}</a></th>
% else:
<th><span class="v"><a href="${path}${build}/">${build}</a></th>
<th><span class="v"><a href="${path}${build}/filelist.html">${build}</a></th>
% endif
% endfor
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