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site: Explain incompletes and aborts

They seem to confuse people and the severity is not obvious immediately.
Let's put that in plain text.

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......@@ -91,6 +91,20 @@ Each test state change (e.g. pass→fail) has few things listed:
* **numer of occurences of same transition across multiple machines:** `+3 similar issues`
## How Serious Are Incompletes And Aborts?
**Incomplete** means that the machine haven't been able to complete execution
of a test (most often because of a kernel panic or a hard hang). Incompletes
signal very serious issues with stability. Any tests that were supposed to
follow, that are on the same testlist (shard, fast-feedback), are not going to
be executed.
**Aborts** are as serious as incompletes but the abnormal state was detected
either by IGT Runner or the test itself. They signal that no further testing
is going to be done because the results would not be trustworthy do to the
machine's / kernel condition.
## I've Got Some False Positives, What Now?
Reply to the e-mail with the results and explain why do those results are
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