Commit f16b7558 authored by Nicolai Hähnle's avatar Nicolai Hähnle

radeonsi: fix gl_PrimitiveID in tessellation with instanced draws on SI

Reviewed-by: default avatarMarek Olšák <>
parent b84b631c
......@@ -188,6 +188,20 @@ static void si_emit_derived_tess_state(struct si_context *sctx,
if (sctx->b.chip_class == SI) {
unsigned one_wave = 64 / MAX2(num_tcs_input_cp, num_tcs_output_cp);
*num_patches = MIN2(*num_patches, one_wave);
if (sctx->screen-> == 1) {
/* The VGT HS block increments the patch ID unconditionally
* within a single threadgroup. This results in incorrect
* patch IDs when instanced draws are used.
* The intended solution is to restrict threadgroups to
* a single instance by setting SWITCH_ON_EOI, which
* should cause IA to split instances up. However, this
* doesn't work correctly on SI when there is no other
* SE to switch to.
*num_patches = 1;
sctx->last_num_patches = *num_patches;
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