Commit ca413183 authored by Andres Gomez's avatar Andres Gomez

cherry-ignore: fix regression in descriptor set freeing.

fixes: Fixes earlier commit 126d5adb which did not land in branch
Signed-off-by: Andres Gomez's avatarAndres Gomez <>
parent 33f4dc1c
......@@ -87,3 +87,5 @@ f52e63069a3fad23e03d42306a42bd20f0159da3 swr: move msaa resolve to generalized S
# stable: 17.1 nomination only. 17.0 doesn't support
# VK_KHR_push_descriptor, so it doesn't need this patch.
5ff48581119258214801de24a327bdd6a29e0ccc radv/meta: fix restoring a push descriptor set
# fixes: Fixes earlier commit 126d5ad which did not land in branch.
9da104593386f6e8ddec8f0d9d288aceb8908fe1 radv: fix regression in descriptor set freeing.
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