Commit c61e9aef authored by Erik Faye-Lund 's avatar Erik Faye-Lund

docs: don't pointlessly close and re-start definition lists

Signed-off-by: Erik Faye-Lund 's avatarErik Faye-Lund <>
Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom's avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent 0ea4ef24
......@@ -281,9 +281,7 @@ windows) will be searched for llvm-config (and llvm-config$version and
llvm-config-$version), you can override this environment variable to control
the search: <code>PATH=/path/with/llvm-config:$PATH meson build</code>.
<code>pkg-config</code> utility is a hard requirement for configuring and
......@@ -319,9 +317,7 @@ with debugging as some code and validation will be optimized away.
buildtype, which causes meson to inject no additional compiler arguments, only
those in the C/CXXFLAGS and those that mesa itself defines.</p>
<dd><p>This option controls assertions in meson projects. When set to <code>false</code>
(the default) assertions are enabled, when set to true they are disabled. This
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