Commit 8e4559b3 authored by Brian Paul's avatar Brian Paul

docs: update bug reporting guidelines

Suggest attaching output of glxinfo/wglinfo.  Suggest providing
an apitrace.
parent 2f89c398
......@@ -37,11 +37,14 @@ Please follow these bug reporting guidelines:
the problem.
<li>Check if your bug is already reported in the database.
<li>Monitor your bug report for requests for additional information, etc.
<li>Attach the output of running glxinfo or wglinfo.
This will tell us the Mesa version, which device driver you're using, etc.
<li>If you're reporting a crash, try to use your debugger (gdb) to get a stack
trace. Also, recompile Mesa in debug mode to get more detailed information.
<li>Describe in detail how to reproduce the bug, especially with games
and applications that the Mesa developers might not be familiar with.
<li>Provide a simple GLUT-based test program if possible
<li>Provide an <a href="">apitrace</a>
or simple GLUT-based test program if possible.
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