Commit 562b8d45 authored by Jason Ekstrand's avatar Jason Ekstrand

intel/eu: Use EXECUTE_1 for JMPI

The PRM says "The execution size must be 1."  In 73137997, the
execution size was set to 1 when it should have been BRW_EXECUTE_1
(which maps to 0).  Later, in dc2d3a7f, JMPI was used for
line AA on gen6 and earlier and we started manually stomping the
exeution size to BRW_EXECUTE_1 in the generator.  This commit fixes the
original bug and makes brw_JMPI just do the right thing.
Reviewed-by: Matt Turner's avatarMatt Turner <>
Fixes: 73137997
parent 4723933b
......@@ -1190,7 +1190,7 @@ brw_JMPI(struct brw_codegen *p, struct brw_reg index,
struct brw_reg ip = brw_ip_reg();
brw_inst *inst = brw_alu2(p, BRW_OPCODE_JMPI, ip, ip, index);
brw_inst_set_exec_size(devinfo, inst, BRW_EXECUTE_2);
brw_inst_set_exec_size(devinfo, inst, BRW_EXECUTE_1);
brw_inst_set_qtr_control(devinfo, inst, BRW_COMPRESSION_NONE);
brw_inst_set_mask_control(devinfo, inst, BRW_MASK_DISABLE);
brw_inst_set_pred_control(devinfo, inst, predicate_control);
......@@ -402,7 +402,6 @@ fs_generator::generate_fb_write(fs_inst *inst, struct brw_reg payload)
brw_inst_set_cond_modifier(p->devinfo, brw_last_inst, BRW_CONDITIONAL_NZ);
int jmp = brw_JMPI(p, brw_imm_ud(0), BRW_PREDICATE_NORMAL) - p->store;
brw_inst_set_exec_size(p->devinfo, brw_last_inst, BRW_EXECUTE_1);
/* Don't send AA data */
fire_fb_write(inst, offset(payload, 1), implied_header, inst->mlen-1);
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