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docs: update meson docs to reflect the current status

v2: - minor grammar changes
    - fix typo
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<p><strong>The Meson build system is generally considered stable and ready
for production</strong></p>
<p>The meson build is tested on on Linux, macOS, Cygwin and Haiku, it should
work on FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD.</p>
<p>The meson build is tested on Linux, macOS, Cygwin and Haiku, FreeBSD,
DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, and should work on OpenBSD.</p>
<p><strong>Mesa requires Meson >= 0.44.1 to build.</strong>
<p><strong>Mesa requires Meson >= 0.45.0 to build.</strong>
Some older versions of meson do not check that they are too old and will error
out in odd ways.
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