Commit 16a07fb5 authored by Dan Nicholson's avatar Dan Nicholson

autoconf: Report the compiler options in the summary

Report the compiler flags and macros that will be used in the build.
This just provides a quick way to see what configure has silently been
parent 23656c47
......@@ -804,6 +804,18 @@ else
echo " Demos: $program_dirs"
dnl Compiler options
# cleanup the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS/DEFINES vars
$SED 's/^ *//;s/ */ /;s/ *$//'`
$SED 's/^ *//;s/ */ /;s/ *$//'`
defines=`echo $DEFINES $ASM_FLAGS | $SED 's/^ *//;s/ */ /;s/ *$//'`
echo ""
echo " CFLAGS: $cflags"
echo " CXXFLAGS: $cxxflags"
echo " Macros: $defines"
echo ""
echo " Run 'make' to build Mesa"
echo ""
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