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docs: remove some pointless spacing

The different headers and header-sizes already convey the hierarchical
structure of this document, the unusual spacing arguably just looks a
bit inconsistent with the rest of the site. Let's remove it; it looks
fine without it, and will translate better to other markup languages.
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......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@
<h1>Frequently Asked Questions</h1>
Last updated: 19 September 2018
<li><a href="#part1">High-level Questions and Answers</a></li>
......@@ -26,8 +24,6 @@ Last updated: 19 September 2018
<li><a href="#part3">Runtime / Rendering Problems</a></li>
<li><a href="#part4">Developer Questions</a></li>
<h2 id="part1">1. High-level Questions and Answers</h2>
......@@ -173,14 +169,8 @@ popular and feature-complete.
<h2 id="part2">2. Compilation and Installation Problems</h2>
<h3>2.1 What's the easiest way to install Mesa?</h3>
If you're using a Linux-based system, your distro CD most likely already
......@@ -247,8 +237,6 @@ After determining the correct values for the install location, configure Mesa
with <code>meson configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=xxx -D dri-drivers-path=xxx</code>
and then install with <code>sudo ninja install</code>.
<h2 id="part3">3. Runtime / Rendering Problems</h2>
......@@ -321,9 +309,6 @@ Programming Guide - "OpenGL Correctness Tips". Basically, applying a
translation of (0.375, 0.375, 0.0) to your coordinates will fix the problem.
<h2 id="part4">4. Developer Questions</h2>
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