Commit ecbc76cf authored by Eric Anholt's avatar Eric Anholt

travis: Parse to pick an updated LIBDRM_VERSION.

Travis has been broken a couple of times by updates.  To make
it useful, auto-update the version necessary.

This could potentially be used for other dependencies, too, but those get
bumped less frequently.
Reviewed-by: default avatarEmil Velikov <>
Reviewed-by: Rhys Kidd's avatarRhys Kidd <>
parent 91987c51
......@@ -41,6 +41,16 @@ install:
- export PATH="/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH"
- pip install --user mako
# Since libdrm gets updated in regularly, try to pick up the
# latest version from there.
- for line in `grep "^LIBDRM_.*_REQUIRED="`; do
old_ver=`echo $LIBDRM_VERSION | sed 's/libdrm-//'`;
new_ver=`echo $line | sed 's/.*REQUIRED=//'`;
if `echo "$old_ver,$new_ver" | tr ',' '\n' | sort -Vc 2> /dev/null`; then
export LIBDRM_VERSION="libdrm-$new_ver";
# Install dependencies where we require specific versions (or where
# disallowed by Travis CI's package whitelisting).
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