Commit e9e7f3ce authored by George Kyriazis's avatar George Kyriazis

swr/rast: Shader debugging work

- Move debug .ll files to JIT_CACHE_DIR
- Don't link against jitter SRGBLut table, add global data to shader that needs it.
Reviewed-by: Bruce Cherniak's avatarBruce Cherniak <>
parent 34bbcb50
......@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@ Constant *C(const std::initializer_list<Ty> &constList)
return ConstantVector::get(vConsts);
template<typename Ty>
Constant *CA(LLVMContext& ctx, ArrayRef<Ty> constList)
return ConstantDataArray::get(ctx, constList);
Constant *PRED(bool pred);
Value *VIMMED1(int i);
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