Commit c4a42f5a authored by George Kyriazis's avatar George Kyriazis

swr/rast: Add debugging type support for function types.

Reviewed-by: Bruce Cherniak's avatarBruce Cherniak <>
parent e9e7f3ce
......@@ -254,11 +254,31 @@ DIType* JitManager::GetDebugType(Type* pTy)
case Type::ArrayTyID: return GetDebugArrayType(pTy); break;
case Type::PointerTyID: return builder.createPointerType(GetDebugType(pTy->getPointerElementType()), 64, 64); break;
case Type::VectorTyID: return GetDebugVectorType(pTy); break;
case Type::FunctionTyID: return GetDebugFunctionType(pTy); break;
default: SWR_ASSERT(false, "Unimplemented llvm type");
return nullptr;
// Create a DISubroutineType from an llvm FunctionType
DIType* JitManager::GetDebugFunctionType(Type* pTy)
SmallVector<Metadata*, 8> ElemTypes;
FunctionType* pFuncTy = cast<FunctionType>(pTy);
DIBuilder builder(*mpCurrentModule);
// Add result type
// Add arguments
for (auto& param : pFuncTy->params())
return builder.createSubroutineType(builder.getOrCreateTypeArray(ElemTypes));
DIType* JitManager::GetDebugIntegerType(Type* pTy)
DIBuilder builder(*mpCurrentModule);
......@@ -175,6 +175,7 @@ struct JitManager
llvm::DIType* GetDebugIntegerType(llvm::Type* pTy);
llvm::DIType* GetDebugArrayType(llvm::Type* pTy);
llvm::DIType* GetDebugVectorType(llvm::Type* pTy);
llvm::DIType* GetDebugFunctionType(llvm::Type* pTy);
llvm::DIType* GetDebugStructType(llvm::Type* pType)
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