Commit b1afdf9f authored by Matt Turner's avatar Matt Turner

intel/compiler/fs: Fix application of cmod and saturate to LINE/MAC pair

This isn't technically broken, but the next patch will make this
function report whether it generated multiple instructions, and that
information will be used to disable the application of conditional mod
by the generic code.
Reviewed-by: Kenneth Graunke (semi-AFK still)'s avatarKenneth Graunke <>
parent 2cff3242
......@@ -673,13 +673,22 @@ fs_generator::generate_linterp(fs_inst *inst,
struct brw_reg delta_x = src[0];
struct brw_reg delta_y = offset(src[0], inst->exec_size / 8);
struct brw_reg interp = src[1];
brw_inst *i[2];
if (devinfo->has_pln &&
(devinfo->gen >= 7 || ( & 1) == 0)) {
brw_PLN(p, dst, interp, delta_x);
} else {
brw_LINE(p, brw_null_reg(), interp, delta_x);
brw_MAC(p, dst, suboffset(interp, 1), delta_y);
i[0] = brw_LINE(p, brw_null_reg(), interp, delta_x);
i[1] = brw_MAC(p, dst, suboffset(interp, 1), delta_y);
brw_inst_set_cond_modifier(p->devinfo, i[1], inst->conditional_mod);
/* brw_set_default_saturate() is called before emitting instructions, so
* the saturate bit is set in each instruction, so we need to unset it on
* the first instruction.
brw_inst_set_saturate(p->devinfo, i[0], false);
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