Commit 9d80ed08 authored by George Kyriazis's avatar George Kyriazis

swr/rast: Fix llvm5 behavior

For some reason llvm5 is picky about accepting a void * type in the
case of building an argument list.

Since we don't care about the type (we ignore the argument for now),
pick another pointer type
Reviewed-by: Bruce Cherniak's avatarBruce Cherniak <>
parent d335b32b
......@@ -128,7 +128,8 @@ JitManager::JitManager(uint32_t simdWidth, const char *arch, const char* core)
std::vector<Type*> fsArgs;
fsArgs.push_back(PointerType::get(Type::getVoidTy(mContext), 0));
// llvm5 is picky and does not take a void * type
fsArgs.push_back(PointerType::get(Gen_SWR_FETCH_CONTEXT(this), 0));
fsArgs.push_back(PointerType::get(Gen_SWR_FETCH_CONTEXT(this), 0));
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