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docs: sourcetree.html misc updates

A mixed bag of updates/fixes - mostly aiming at removing no longer
applicable directories.

Add a few more state-trackers, drivers, etc. alongside "XXX more" where
applicable. Attribute for the GLSL/NIR movement and nukage of
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......@@ -27,14 +27,18 @@ each directory.
<li><b>include</b> - Public OpenGL header files
<li><b>compiler</b> - Common utility sources for different compilers.
<li><b>glsl</b> - the GLSL IR and compiler
<li><b>nir</b> - the NIR IR and compiler
<li><b>spriv</b> - the SPIR-V compiler
<li><b>egl</b> - EGL library sources
<li><b>docs</b> - EGL documentation
<li><b>drivers</b> - EGL drivers
<li><b>main</b> - main EGL library implementation. This is where all
the EGL API functions are implemented, like eglCreateContext().
<li><b>glsl</b> - the GLSL compiler
<li><b>mapi</b> - Mesa APIs
<li><b>glapi</b> - OpenGL API dispatch layer. This is where all the
GL entrypoints like glClear, glBegin, etc. are generated, as well as
......@@ -94,7 +98,8 @@ each directory.
<li><b>i915</b> - Driver for Intel i915/i945.
<li><b>llvmpipe</b> - Software driver using LLVM for runtime code generation.
<li><b>nv*</b> - Drivers for NVIDIA GPUs.
<li><b>nouveau</b> - Driver for NVIDIA GPUs.
<li><b>radeon</b> - Shared module for the r600 and radeonsi drivers.
<li><b>radeonsi</b> - Driver for AMD Southern Island.
<li><b>r300</b> - Driver for ATI R300 - R500.
<li><b>r600</b> - Driver for ATI/AMD R600 - Northern Island.
......@@ -128,6 +133,7 @@ each directory.
to another.
<li><b>util</b> - assorted utilities for arithmetic, hashing, surface
creation, memory management, 2D blitting, simple rendering, etc.
<li>XXX more
<li><b>state_trackers</b> -
......@@ -135,9 +141,12 @@ each directory.
<li><b>dri</b> - Meta state tracker for DRI drivers
<li><b>glx</b> - Meta state tracker for GLX
<li><b>vdpau</b> - VDPAU state tracker
<li><b>wgl</b> -
<li><b>xorg</b> - Meta state tracker for Xorg video drivers
<li><b>wgl</b> - Windows WGL state tracker
<li><b>xa</b> - XA state tracker
<li><b>xvmc</b> - XvMC state tracker
<li><b>vdpau</b> - VDPAU state tracker
<li><b>va</b> - VA-API state tracker
<li><b>omx</b> - OpenMAX state tracker
<li><b>winsys</b> -
......@@ -148,11 +157,11 @@ each directory.
<li><b>glx</b> - The GLX library code for building libGL. This is used for
direct rendering drivers. It will dynamically load one of the drivers.
<li><b>glx</b> - The GLX library code for building libGL using DRI drivers.
<li><b>lib</b> - where the GL libraries are placed
<li><b>lib</b> - hardlinks to most binaries as produced by <strong>make</strong>.
These (shortcuts) are used for development purposes in conjunction with
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