1. 03 Jun, 2014 6 commits
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      web-source: Don't refresh location on _start · e8665a82
      Zeeshan Ali authored
      Since now wifi interface proxy is created async in Wifi (the only
      inheriting class), calling _refresh from _start() could easily mean that
      location query is created while we don't have an interface (or list of
      BSS proxies, which are also created async) and end-up making a
      geoip-only query to the server. Also we can easily end-up not making the
      wifi query at all if geoip-only query is still in process since we only
      allow one query at a time.
      Let's leave this to subclasses (we only have 1 right now anyway).
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      wifi: Use wpa_supplicant to retreive WiFI data · fb59be4c
      Zeeshan Ali authored
      wpa_supplicant seems to be a lot more ubiquitous than NetworkManager so
      lets use that instead of NetworkManager for getting WiFi data.
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    • Zeeshan Ali's avatar
      conf: Get us access to wpa_supplicant API · e7760ff5
      Zeeshan Ali authored
      We only need access to read properties and receive signals. A patch has
      been submitted to wpa_supplicant to make this redundant in here but at
      least for now, we need to get access ourselves.
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