Commit ed851fd8 authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali

wifi: Simplify code a bit by use of 'priv' variable

parent fa8acb08
......@@ -195,14 +195,15 @@ on_ap_added (NMDeviceWifi *device,
static void
connect_ap_signals (GClueWifi *wifi)
if (wifi->priv->ap_added_id != 0)
GClueWifiPrivate *priv = wifi->priv;
if (priv->ap_added_id != 0)
wifi->priv->ap_added_id =
g_signal_connect (wifi->priv->wifi_device,
G_CALLBACK (on_ap_added),
priv->ap_added_id = g_signal_connect (priv->wifi_device,
G_CALLBACK (on_ap_added),
static void
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