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    nmea: Add support for GGA messages from more NMEA sources · b3fe46d4
    Iqbal Inzamam authored
    Based on patch from Daniel Aleksandersen <code@daniel.priv.no>
    Expands GPS specific GGA test with tests for GGA messages from other
    well-known Talker IDs in NMEA 4.1 including Galieo, BeiDou, GLONASS,
    and GNSS (generic/mixed source mode).
    GGA messages use the same format regardless of the Talker ID.
    * Improves device and GNSS network support.
    * Improves accuracy for users in Europe, Russia, China, and elsewhere.
    * Resolves compatibility problem with GPS devices that only report in
      GNGGA and not GPGGA even in single-network mode.