1. 26 Feb, 2020 8 commits
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      Release 2.5.6 · 555d676a
      Zeeshan Ali authored
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      service: Fix a minor typo in docs · 0590657e
      Zeeshan Ali authored
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      mozilla: handle wpa_bss_get_ssid() returning NULL · beb5c134
      Will Thompson authored
      On my Endless OS system running 2.5.2, I see the following crash
      reasonably often:
          #0  0x00007fdc12e57300 in g_bit_lock () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.so.0
          #1  0x00007fdc12ec38f7 in g_variant_n_children () from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libglib-2.0.so.0
          #2  0x00005562e11de273 in variant_to_string (variant=0x0, len=len@entry=0x0) at ../src/gclue-mozilla.c:49
                  n_bytes = <optimized out>
                  i = <optimized out>
                  ret = <optimized out>
          #3  0x00005562e11de4f8 in get_ssid_from_bss (bss=0x5562e2c896d0) at ../src/gclue-mozilla.c:71
                  variant = <optimized out>
                  variant = <optimized out>
          #4  gclue_mozilla_should_ignore_bss (bss=bss@entry=0x5562e2c896d0) at ../src/gclue-mozilla.c:414
                  ssid = <optimized out>
                  bssid = <optimized out>
          #5  0x00005562e11ddaba in on_bss_proxy_ready (source_object=<optimized out>, res=<optimized out>, user_data=0x5562e2c7a2d0) at ../src/gclue-wifi.c:313
                  wifi = 0x5562e2c7a2d0
                  bss = 0x5562e2c896d0
                  error = 0x0
                  ssid = <optimized out>
      In frame 2, 'variant' is NULL. In 2.5.2, get_ssid_from_bss looks like
          static gboolean
          get_ssid_from_bss (WPABSS *bss)
                  GVariant *variant = wpa_bss_get_ssid (bss);
                  return variant_to_string (variant, NULL);
      Since 2.5.2, bdaf6069 added a NULL check
      to this function – which I think would fix my crash. Then
      3b7a7d2a removed this NULL check again
      without explanation!
      It seems that, in practice, wpa_bss_get_ssid() can return NULL, so we
      must handle this case.
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      LocationSource::start/stop should return TRUE if already in target state · 8d09d4e6
      Zeeshan Ali authored
      If a source is already started/active and start() is called on it, it
      shouuldn't return FALSE as that indicates a failure to start. The same
      goes for stop() and inactive state.
      In case of stop() being called on an already inactive source, the actual
      source implementation will not do rest of the teardown and could end up in
      a state where the object has been finalized while its resources are still
      not freed. Not only does that constitute leaks but these resources include
      timeouts that access the object that has already been freed.
      It is my hope that this solves some of the crashes and leaks we still are
      getting reports of.
      Fixes #117 (hopefully!).
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      Fix a few memory leaks. Fixes #120 · 1abc3e32
      Amaury Pouly authored
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      wifi: Remove failable checks before clearing state · 9aebd9f2
      Zeeshan Ali authored
      If my logic is wrong anywhere, the interface proxy might already be NULL
      before disconnect_bss_signals() is called so let's not check for that
      before clearing the timeout.
      This hopefully fixes a crash on wifi scan timeout being called after the
      wifi object is destroyed.
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      config: Clear error after submission URL lookup fails · 46a23ced
      Jan Alexander Steffens authored
      Otherwise we have a dangling pointer causing a crash when the error
      value is reused.
    • Jan Alexander Steffens's avatar
      config: Improve config lookup error messages · 70a0c2eb
      Jan Alexander Steffens authored
      Match the message for wifi/submit-data and add some quotes.
      Downgrade the message for wifi/url from a warning to a debug message.
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  5. 16 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      docs/meson.build: Build the library doc after the backend one · 4dc4fb9d
      Laurent Bigonville authored
      The library documentation has references to the one from the backend, so
      it should be built after
      This commit fixes the following warnings:
        html/GClueClient.html:349: warning: no link for: "gdbus-signal-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.LocationUpdated" -> ("LocationUpdated").
        html/GClueClient.html:386: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.Start" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="Start"><code class="function">Start()</code>).
        html/GClueClient.html:520: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.Stop" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="Stop"><code class="function">Stop()</code>).
        html/GClueClient.html:651: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.Location" -> ("Location").
        html/GClueClient.html:744: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.DistanceThreshold" -> ("DistanceThreshold").
        html/GClueClient.html:805: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.DesktopId" -> ("DesktopId").
        html/GClueClient.html:899: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.RequestedAccuracyLevel" -> ("RequestedAccuracyLevel").
        html/GClueClient.html:961: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.Active" -> ("Active").
        html/GClueClient.html:1071: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Client.TimeThreshold" -> ("TimeThreshold").
        html/GClueLocation.html:322: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Latitude" -> ("Latitude").
        html/GClueLocation.html:383: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Longitude" -> ("Longitude").
        html/GClueLocation.html:444: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Accuracy" -> ("Accuracy").
        html/GClueLocation.html:505: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Altitude" -> ("Altitude").
        html/GClueLocation.html:566: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Speed" -> ("Speed").
        html/GClueLocation.html:627: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Heading" -> ("Heading").
        html/GClueLocation.html:688: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Description" -> ("Description").
        html/GClueLocation.html:781: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Location.Timestamp" -> ("Timestamp").
        html/GClueManager.html:266: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.GetClient" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="GetClient"><code class="function">GetClient()</code>).
        html/GClueManager.html:413: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.AddAgent" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="AddAgent"><code class="function">AddAgent()</code>).
        html/GClueManager.html:555: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.InUse" -> ("InUse").
        html/GClueManager.html:617: warning: no link for: "gdbus-property-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.AvailableAccuracyLevel" -> ("AvailableAccuracyLevel").
        html/GClueManager.html:755: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.CreateClient" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="CreateClient"><code class="function">CreateClient()</code>).
        html/GClueManager.html:799: warning: no link for: "gdbus-method-org-freedesktop-GeoClue2-Manager.DeleteClient" -> (<GTKDOCLINK HREF="DeleteClient"><code class="function">DeleteClient()</code>).
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