Commit cab97faa authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali

Release 2.1.0

parent 5a4d028c
- Application authentication agents support:
- API for agents to register themselves.
- API that agents need to implement.
- configure option to enable requirement of authorization from agent. Until
there is at least one agent out there, this requirement is disabled by
- A demo agent.
- Option in ${sysconfdir}/geoclue.conf containing whitelist of all our agents.
- Don't use proxy. Seems proxy settings are per-user and system users (which
geoclue is supposed to run as) do not have access to them.
- Add support for bus-activation via systemd service unit.
- Add mandatory 'DesktopId' property to Client interface.
- Use HTTPS to connect to The actual resource is behind
HTTPS so using HTTP leads to redirections and thefore redundant TCP packets.
- Fixes to build system.
Note to package maintainers: For the agent support to work, geoclue binary
need 'ptrace' capability. In near future we will try to get this through systemd
so systemd-based distributions likely not need to bother about it. Having said
that, for this release you can simply keep the agent requirement disabled.
All contributors to this release:
Colin Guthrie <>
Colin Walters <>
Kalev Lember <>
Philip Withnall <>
Stefan Bernhardsgrütter <>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <>
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