Commit 80dbe780 authored by Jussi Kukkonen's avatar Jussi Kukkonen

add missing files (address hashtable stuff)

parent afd1be48
* Geoclue
* geoclue-address-details.c - Helper functions for GeoclueAddress
* Author: Jussi Kukkonen <>
* Copyright 2008 by Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries
#include "geoclue-address-details.h"
static void
copy_address_key_and_value (char *key, char *value, GHashTable *target)
g_hash_table_insert (target, g_strdup (key), g_strdup (value));
GHashTable *
address_details_new ()
return g_hash_table_new_full (g_str_hash, g_str_equal,
g_free, g_free);
GHashTable *
address_details_copy (GHashTable *source)
GHashTable *target;
g_assert (source != NULL);
target = address_details_new ();
g_hash_table_foreach (source,
return target;
#include <glib.h>
GHashTable *
address_details_new ();
GHashTable *
address_details_copy (GHashTable *source);
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