Commit 78f43372 authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali

Release 2.1.9

parent cdbe6fc5
- Move from NetworkManager to direct use of wpa_supplicant to retreive WiFI
data, for greater portability.
- Port from to Mozilla Location Service for 3G-geolocation.
- Network data submission
- Explicit option in config to enable submission.
- Commandline options to enable network data submission and set nickname.
- Submit 3G data.
- Submit under 'geoclue' nick by default.
- Fix a few crashes.
- Drop now redundant workaround for pure geoip queries.
- Ability to mark an app as system component in the config so that
- Agent can't decide its accuracy level nor agent is asked to authorize it.
This mean automatic timezone in GNOME will continue working even if you
disable geolocation.
- app is not taken into account for 'InUse' property. That means you will no
longer have to see location crosshair in gnome-shell's topbar forever just
because you have automatic timezone enabled.
- Exit demo app if geoclue deactivates it.
- Improved debug log.
- Many other internal changes and minor improvements.
Dependency-related changes:
- Drop libnm-glib dependency
- Drop libxml2 dependency
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