Commit 4ec5443a authored by Zeeshan Ali's avatar Zeeshan Ali

Release 2.1.3

parent c84526b3
- Agents can now dictate maximum accuracy level allowed for all clients through
a D-Bus property. The next version of gnome-shell will make use of that and
provide an option to enable/disable geolocation in topbar menu.
- Add D-Bus property to specify available accuracy level. For now we just
hardcode it to report that we can provide exact accuracy.
- Give agents time to register themselves on startup before processing client
- Move configuration file under geoclue subdir so that in future we can easily
add more configuration files if needed.
- Fixes to build.
- Some internal clean-ups.
All contributors to this release:
Colin Walters <>
Marvin Schmidt <>
Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) <>
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