Commit 24ddc287 authored by Jussi Kukkonen's avatar Jussi Kukkonen

make geoclue-gypsy start gypsy on startup

parent c1633b3d
......@@ -389,7 +389,6 @@ set_options (GcIfaceGeoclue *gc,
G_CALLBACK (connection_changed), gypsy);
g_signal_connect (gypsy->device, "fix-status-changed",
G_CALLBACK (fix_status_changed), gypsy);
get_initial_status (gypsy);
gypsy->position = gypsy_position_new (path);
g_signal_connect (gypsy->position, "position-changed",
......@@ -400,10 +399,19 @@ set_options (GcIfaceGeoclue *gc,
gypsy->acc = gypsy_accuracy_new (path);
g_signal_connect (gypsy->acc, "accuracy-changed",
G_CALLBACK (accuracy_changed), gypsy);
g_debug ("starting device");
gypsy_device_start (gypsy->device, error);
if (*error != NULL) {
g_print ("Error - %s?\n", (*error)->message);
gypsy->status = GEOCLUE_STATUS_ERROR;
g_free (path);
return FALSE;
get_initial_status (gypsy);
g_free (path);
return TRUE;
return TRUE;
static gboolean
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