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Release 2.4.9

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- Modem GPS refresh rate is now based on the location refresh rate of apps.
- Refuse location access if no app-auth agent is registered. This fixes a
security hole where an app requests location access before the agent gets to
register itself and we end up giving out locaiton access even though user has
disabled it.
- Port desktop ID detection to Flatpak >= 0.6.10.
- The default timeout on the service binary is now the same as the service
itself: 5 seconds.
- Demo applications:
- where-am-i now allows setting location refresh-rate.
- Only install demo agent's desktop file if it's enabled.
- Build and install demo agent unless disabled explicitly.
- Autostart the demo agent by default on non-GNOME platforms, since an agent
is required now and no one other than GNOME yet provides one (sigh).
Dependency-related changes:
Bastien Nocera <>
Mathieu Bridon <>
Zeeshan Ali <>
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