1. 20 Jan, 2021 5 commits
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      meson: Do not support drivers known to fail in Big Endian archs · 99c269b3
      Marco Trevisan authored
      When building in big endian architectures some device tests will fail,
      as per this we're pretty sure that most of the drivers are not ready
      to work in big-endian architectures.
      Since we're aware of this, better to just stop supporting those drivers
      instead of having each distribution to handle the problem.
      So, add a list of supported drivers that is filled depending the
      architecture type we're building on. Keep continue building those
      drivers since we want to at least test-build them, but do not expose
      them as libfprint drivers, so if a device in the system uses any of them
      will be ignored.
      At the same time, we keep track of the problem, so that we can fix the
      Related to #236
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      udev-hwdb: Prevent devices from being listed twice · 66fc93ee
      Benjamin Berg authored
      The change to print a warning (for testing purposes) from commit
      944e0d03 (udev-rules: Print warning if an ID is supported) was
      incorrect because it prevented duplicated to be suppressed if a device
      is listed by two independent drivers.
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      ci: Add check that wiki and generator are in sync · 284f6f1e
      Benjamin Berg authored
      Add a new test that checks that the unsupported list is not out of date.
      As the wiki can be edited at any time, add this as a further optional
      check into the CI pipeline.
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      Drop version from libfprint hwdb · 1f2d7234
      Benjamin Berg authored
      As we are shipping a hwdb file now, we cannot have a collision with the
      old libfprint version. Also, we are going to pull these rules into
      systemd and they will not be installed via libfprint in the future. As
      such, collisions will not happen again and it makes more sense like this
      for systemd.
    • Benjamin Berg's avatar
      ci: Export hwdb into artefacts · f6179d6c
      Benjamin Berg authored
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